Decorating a Large Living Room With Sofas, Couches, Modern Settees, And More

Decorating a large living room can be as challenging as decorating a very small space, but it does give you a lot of room for creativity.

Larger living rooms are a visual treat and a place where you can plan a large-sized party and get-togethers with friends and family. Considering the availability of space – you are definitely going to enjoy decorating the space. You don’t need to restrict yourself with what is to be included or excluded; you can practically fit all your favorite pieces of living room furniture.

This is where many homeowners fail. A large living room is not just to fill with some thoughtlessly picked-up furniture pieces. Rather, you must strategically design a fully-functional room that is aesthetically beautiful and defined.

Here are a few tips that you must consider to make your large living room feel balanced and comfortable.

Tips To Decorate a Large Living Room

1. Define Spaces With Individual Furniture:

In large living rooms, you can arrange furniture to create individual spaces like a television watching space, small gaming area, guest seating, or a small reading nook. You have to ensure that even when separate, all spaces must work together as a whole. This can be done by focusing on a single decor style or color-coordinated furniture sets.

modern settees

2. Let The Coffee Table Be The Focal Point:

The key to designing a perfect living room is to bind everything around a single accent piece. What can be better than a coffee table to serve the purpose? Make the coffee table the focal point of your large living room and decorate everything around it. Go for large-sized coffee tables and arrange sectionals and few accent chairs around it. As you have a lot of space, you can accommodate ottomans and poufs as well.

coffee tables

3. Create More Than One Seating Area:

Larger living rooms are best to entertain guests. Think about creating two or more seating areas in the living room to accommodate all your guests in one place without making it look jam-packed.

You can keep a large sectional sofa as the main seating area and then decorate around it  with loveseats and modern settees.

modern settees

Modern settees typically are upholstered long benches with arms and backrest. They are available in a wide variety of colors. So, you can easily find one that matches your sofa color. Color-bind every element in the living room. Let one color dominate. For example, if you have chosen neutral color, then ensure that your sofa, modern settees, couch, etc. are consistent. To add some colorful elements in between, you can always use cushions, throw pillows, ottomans, and poufs.

4. Place The Furniture Closer To The Walls:

If you want to focus on creating space, you must place your sectionals closer to the wall. It will leave the center area wide open. This style works if the room has curved walls. You can utilize the center area by placing a coffee table and decorating around it with ottomans.

sectional sofas

5. Hide The Clutter:

With larger rooms, we often believe that there is space for all our belongings. But you must ensure that you don’t turn the living room into a disposal ground for all your clutter. You must smartly hide away any unwanted décor item that is obstructing free movement.

While decorating a large living room, you must focus on maximizing comfort by using the right pieces of living room furniture and decor accessories.

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