Style Your Bathroom with Luxury Roca Bathroom Collections

With more than 85 years of experience designing luxe bathroom designs, the Roca brand is quite popular among homeowners in London. Roca bathrooms are created in various style options, offering a subtle balance of functionality and aesthetics that appear sleek and stylish while maintaining practicality.

With a wide range of contemporary, bold options and elegant and traditional designs as per the homeowner’s bathroom decor, Roca bathrooms London complements the desired feel and appearance that the homeowner wants.

Roca has been a renowned name for its practical sophistication in both modern and traditional design concepts. The brand focuses on streamlined and clean surfaces that are exquisite, making it one of the influential modern bathroom brands worldwide. This brand even boasts an inventive design that ushers comfort, beauty and hygiene.

For instance, various Roca product collections boast stunning designs with high performance, efficiency, and water usage longevity with permanent fixtures.

Roca Bathroom Collections

Marrying ultra-modern design concepts with traditional layouts, Roca bathroom manufacturers believe in offering unparalleled efficiency and functionality in water usage without compromising aesthetics.

Here are some fantastic Roca bathroom product collections that modern homeowners may consider for their current abode:

Inspira: This collection is a combination of three shapes with ample possibilities. This furniture and china collection with round, square and soft lines ensures that everything is perfectly blended to bring life into modern bathroom spaces in any interior style.

Beyond: This collection interplay different volumes to define the brand’s most premium vitreous china collection. It is a perfect product line for anyone who wishes to add innovation to bathroom design.

Alba: Alba collection is your complete bathroom solution, which invites inhabitants to relax in the bathroom. This series provides various counters and finishes adapted to meet all needs.

Khroma: Contrived by Austrian designer Erwin Leo Himmel, the Khroma collection opts to add intense colours to the bathroom with a free-and-easy feel and happy elements. The textured finish and harmonious forms of this collection appeal to almost everyone.

Carmen: Carmen collection is Roca’s homage to the iconic 1940′ basins that now come with an evident unique vintage character while adding innovation and style to modern bathroom spaces.

The Gap: Antonio Bullo has designed this particular collection to deliver function and compactness to the small bathroom areas. Available in a wide range, this collection is perfect for optimising any given bathroom space with a modern yet stylish touch.

Hall: The Hall collection is perfect for virtually impossible or highly complex bathroom spaces that often face contemporary interior designs’ challenges to attain high adaptability.

Meridian: This collection is based on offering one single solution to fulfil the requirements of various homeowners. It is a highly versatile and global collection on the list.

Dama: Dama collection is all about design and functionality, with its pure and neutral lines available in a wide range of sizes. The combination of this collection gives homeowners a great feel in various types of bathroom spaces.

Debba: This collection also offers homeowners a wide range of solutions, combining its subtle and current design. This series is also great for any bathroom space.


Renovating your bathroom to add some character to it is a significant investment, as it costs a lot of money. But if done carefully with the best designer and branded products’ help, you can quickly get a dream bathroom for your home

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