The Best Neighborhoods in Little Rock for Raising a Family

Little Rock is an incredible city that has a lot going for it. From the fantastic locals to the awesome property costs and countless things to do and see, it’s easy to understand why so many are in love with this area.

These are the top neighborhoods that any family should consider moving to, and why Little Rock should be the city you move to.

Why Little Rock?

Little Rock isn’t one of the major cities people immediately consider moving to, but it should be! This smaller city has everything larger ones do, but it comes at a lower price and with far more space and safety. Little Rock houses for sale are often far more affordable, and as this buyers’ market continues, you’re seeing more options on the market than we’ve seen in the last five years.

Beyond that, this is a city that values work and life-balance. Instead of worrying if you’ll find time to spend with your kids and loved ones, you’ll get the opportunity to know you can go hiking, camping, or even indoor trampolining with your family, even on weekdays, because of how close everything is. 

1. Capital View

The capital view is a safe neighborhood with some of the best public schools in the city. Rated as the best neighborhood in Little Rock, this area only has 2,750 people who call it home- yet it manages to be diverse and welcoming. 

2. Hillcrest

If you want a more affordable area that’s pedestrian-friendly and full of countless restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores, you’ll be in heaven in Hillcrest. This neighborhood has 5,000 people in it, but plenty of room for more!

3. River Mountain

If you want to live close to schools, work, and have fun, you’ll want to live in River mountain. One of the best elementary schools in the country is just a mile away, and plenty of museums and shops are nearby! 

How to Get More For Your Budget

Although every city is going through huge changes in its housing market, Little Rock’s aren’t as drastic as others. Although there are going to always be houses beyond your budget, it’s possible to get more for what you can afford.  

To do this, be aware of how long a house has been on the market: and use the buyers’ market to your advantage. Many are too scared to barter with sellers or are worried that if they offer too low, they won’t get the property. For this, make sure to work with a professional realtor or agent, and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and need.  

Timing can also make a big difference! Properties often sell for far less in the fall and winter, so if you’re worried about getting a home you could fall in love with, it could be a sign to wait a couple of months.  

This City Has a Little Bit of Everything

Whether you’re moving here to get more time outside with your family or you like affordable living, Little Rock is an incredible city. Consider these awesome neighborhoods, and make a move sooner rather than later!

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