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Improve Your Child’s Attention Span with These Useful Toys and Tools

One of the most common problems that children are facing nowadays is the difficulty in retaining attention. With so many distractions constantly present around them on screens, they do not get the chance to improve their ability to focus on things properly. It might surprise you that if you keep the screens of your phones and TVs turned off, your children treat you as the centre of their attention. Keeping them in that state of mind and using it to help them develop their mental abilities is a responsibility that every parent must bear. If you have been facing difficulties lately with your child in this regard, then the following toys and tools will help you improve their attention span greatly. They are designed to attract focus towards themselves and through that, they help children grow mentally.

To get the best quality products with an accurate build, we highly recommend going for a good brand like maternity care. They have the best collection of toys to help your child grow and become more self-aware. To make sure the expense involved here does not break the bank for you, we highly recommend using a Mothercare discount code at checkout.

Activity-Based Toys

These are the kinds of toys that involve not only interacting with other people but going into a competitive state to win a reward. Depending on the type of game you are playing, the child may need to use logic, critical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving skills, coordination of limbs and general motor skills, and even creative and imaginative thinking. These games can be in a wide range of genres ranging from sports to board games and other turn-based activities as well. The collection of games that utilize these skills to develop the child’s brain and body are practically endless.

Always treat your child with a good quality toy and teach them to appreciate it as well. For the best collection to choose from, our preference is the Mothercare store which has a vast collection of activity-based games. You can get your hands on some great options for your child depending on their age, interests, and natural skills. Be sure to use a Mothercare discount code to make your purchase highly affordable!


As far as attention span goes, nothing puts the mind into focus as a puzzle does. The level of engagement required to solve a puzzle is extremely high and getting your child to engage in solving puzzles can give their attention retention skills a huge boost. However, that is only part of the benefits that your child gets from participating in puzzle solving. These activities also incite other skills like logical thinking and creativity. And on top of all that, your child also gets to learn a lot of things that would benefit them in the future. Puzzles can be about a wide range of subjects and if you buy from the right place, you can get your hands on some amazing options.

Mothercare has a great collection of puzzles that you can get for your child to learn from and engage with. They focus on not only building their basic skills but also educating them about multiple subjects. Buy yours using a Mothercare discount code so you can also buy a second one with the money that you save!

Book Reading

A great alternative to using phones and tablets at a young age is book reading. With electronic devices, the children constantly face content that is random and constantly changing. This severely harms their ability to focus since the content they are being fed is, if put in crude terms, mindless. Reading books on the other hand requires focus and you need to pay attention to what is in front of you to understand it. That voluntary interaction will not only improve your child’s ability to focus, it will also give them a great habit that they can hold on to throughout their life and take benefit from. For young children, colouring books, interactive storybooks, and captivating coloured illustrations are all enticing sources of knowledge. Check out the collection that Mothercare has for your children and use a Mothercare discount code to get yours for a great price.

Board Games

Board games often require a lot of critical thinking, problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and other technical skills. Involving your child in board games can help them hone their thinking abilities quite a lot. However, it is also a great way of improving their social skills. Board games often involve multiple players and dealing with them during the game can help your child improve their social interaction as well. Board games also require focusing on other players as well, so their attention retention is also put to the test. Mothercare has great board games that you can buy, that too for a reasonable price by using a Mothercare discount code.

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