Offers for Men at H&M Saudi Arabia!

Well! Way back in 1947 Erling Persson might have not thought of having anything for men, for the simple reason, that he started an exclusive women’s apparel store – Hennes. After acquiring Mauritz Widforss in 1968, Hennes became Hennes & Mauritz. Also, that was when the men’s wear also came into being from Erling. In the 1990s, Hennes & Mauritz became the famous H&M!

Today, H&M is the topmost men’s and women’s collection house, where you get what you want. It has come a long way to include other accessories and home furnishings too. In the process, H&M has also set up concept stores such as COS, Cheap Monday, Monki, and Weekday, expanding its business to over 70 countries all over the world. H&M has an online presence in more than 40 countries and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you can get the products through, availing discount benefits from the exclusive H&M Code.

Let us go through some of the products up for grabs.

Hooded Track Jacket

Jackets give you a feeling of staying fit and active, always. Apart from giving you ample insulation from cold weather, the hooded track jacket also helps protect you from wind and rain. The hood along with raglan sleeves and the neck covering collar in the same colour, the rest of the jacket offers a different colour, thus giving the otherwise vintage jacket a modern look. The sleeves are ribbed at the cuffs, while the waist-length jacket is hemmed. The jacket can be secured by the zip from top to bottom, while the hood is secured by a drawstring. The back of the jacket is a bit lengthier than the front and slightly rounded, giving it a different look from the vintage fit.

Softshell Jacket

A softshell jacket is basically for protection against wind and of course, cold weather too. The jacket is lined inside with thermal fleece to provide warmness. The fastening is provided by a full zip from bottom to top and the hood from the collar has a drawstring fastener. The single colored jacket has provision for a pocket on the chest region with an earphone outlet, probably for a mobile phone to be secured in there. The softshell jacket also has two zipped pockets in the front with the cuffs and the hem is elasticized.

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Running Tights

It is very useful for exercising, running or cycling out in the open. Made of recycled polyester, the fabric helps in wicking away the sweat and drying faster, thereby keeping the skin drier and cooler. The wear is permeable while the calves are covered with a reflective print to help venture out during the low light. The running tight can be fastened on to the waist with the help of a drawstring which is accommodated on the inner side of the waist rib. It also has a pocket with a wrap-over to secure belongings like a wallet or mobile phone.

Sports Jogger

This particular jogger is made of cotton blend polyester and has tiered sections on the front and the back. While the front is 3-tiered, the backside is 2-tiered. The front middle part covers the knee, and the top of the knee up to the waist is another part, whereas the part below the knee and up to the ankle is slightly tapered. The back part is stitched in two pieces joined at the knee joint. This sports jogger has a meshed and slightly lengthier crotch; the mesh giving good ventilation for frees flow of air. One has to enjoy exercising wearing this type of jogger as it helps concentrate on exercising than anything else.

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Suit Trousers Slim Fit

The slim fit is not tight but just about loose enough, with narrow leg openings which are neither flared nor flapping. All through the pant, you see a close fit creating a perfectly fitted profile. The legs are creased symmetrically to sit impeccably, with cross-cut side pockets and jetted back pockets. The looped waist is fitted with a hook eye fastener with the usual zip fly. Simple and elegant, the slim fit suit trouser is essential on the wardrobe.

Cotton Rugby shirt

Made of cotton and displaying a checked pattern, the shirt is soft and classic. The two open pockets on the chest look concealed within the pattern design. A yoked back, long sleeves with plackets and having adjustable buttoned cuffs, round hem, are the features for this simple looking but a fantastic shirt. One can wear it for work or as a casual wear too.

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