Nick Jonas Spotted Wearing a Not-Ordinary Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch in “Spaceman”

It’s no secret that the leading Swiss watchmaker Omega is a popular choice among several A-list celebrities. Watch fans know that luxury watches from this brand have appeared in multiple television shows and movies over the years. And recently, an Omega Speedmaster made an appearance in the new music video “Spaceman” by Nick Jonas.

Interestingly, this watch is not the standard stainless steel Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. This edition is made of the brand’s patented 18ct Canopus Gold alloy, thereby making it unique.

The Omega’s Canopus Gold Speedmaster Moonwatch

The Omega Speedmaster Canopus Gold watch features an 18ct Canopus Gold case of 42mm, a black aluminium tachymeter bezel and silver luminescent hour markers. The hand-winding Co-Axial Calibre 3861 movement powers the watch. However, what completes the look is the five-arched link bracelet.

The new Omega Moonwatch is available in two different gold versions – 18ct Sedna Gold and 18ct Canopus Gold. And you could see Nick Jonas wearing the Canopus Gold edition of Speedmaster throughout the “Spaceman” music video.

However, Canopus is the brand’s proprietary 18ct white gold that is brighter and much more corrosion-resistant than standard white gold alloys. Both Canopus and Sedna gold contain 75% pure gold.

The Canopus Gold made its debut in 2015, and Omega confirmed that this gold has 75% gold and 20% palladium. However, rhodium and platinum significantly make up the remaining 5%.

A palladium today costs about twice the platinum’s price, and the rhodium’s price is more than ten times the palladium’s price. Now this signifies that Omega’s patented Canopus Gold is made up of ultra-costly precious metals.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch of Nick Jonas

You might be aware that Nick Jonas is a watch lover. You can spot this Grammy and Golden Globe-nominated artist strapping various watches from Rolex to Omega and Richard Mille. Nick Jonas’s fans believe that the youngest Jonas brother might have a bit of interest in wristwatches, considering the timepieces he has been spotted wearing on his wrists.

Moreover, most of these luxury watches come with skyrocketing price tags, and many of them are not any ordinary models. Nick Jonas’ timepieces cost somewhere between six-figures to more than a million pounds.

However, his latest music video, “Spaceman”, featured the brand-new Speedmaster Moonwatch in Omega’s patented Canopus Gold. It is the Reference 310. Keeping in mind the significant association of Speedmaster to the space exploration world, the iconic Omega Moonwatch seems to be an ideal choice for the “Spaceman”.

The new generation Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is one of the most iconic and expensive watches. The watch sports an 18ct Canopus Gold case and matching bracelet, luminous silver dial and a transparent case-back. Moreover, it runs on the Calibre 3861 Co-Axial movement.

Nick Jonas’s “Spaceman” and the Omega Speedmaster

“Spaceman” is the fourth studio music album of Nick Jonas, released on March 12, 2021. On the other hand, the Speedmaster model has been a significant part of every six moon landing and collectors across the world treasure it as NASA’s official flight-certified timepiece.

Perhaps, the Omega’s Speedmaster Moonwatch is the only watch that renders a rich and interconnected legacy with space exploration. In “Spaceman”, Nick Jonas’s character travels by jetpack and resides within a small, mirror-finished abode. And the opulent and modern Speedmaster Canopus Gold version complements the bizarre and stylised take on a cosmic-based music video.

The inception of the Iconic Omega Speedmaster

The rich legacy of Speedmaster dates back to 1957 when Omega introduced the model as the first-ever chronograph with a tachymeter bezel. The watchmaker designed the watch to track elapsed time and speed using tachymeter and chronograph functions. However, the Speedmaster was one of the three professional timepieces that Omega launched, including the Railmaster and Seamaster.

The Reference CK 2915 is the first Speedmaster watch, popularly known as the “Broad Arrow”. The timepiece flaunted some signature features like the three sub-dials chronograph design, the domed Plexiglass crystal and the contrasting index markers. However, other features include a 39mm case, straight lugs, steel bezel with black engravings, straight lugs and broad arrow hands.

Omega introduced a second Speedmaster edition in 1959 as the Reference CK 2998 with a black aluminium bezel and alpha hands. Interestingly, the case diameter increased to 40mm from 39mm, and the O-ring gasket made its debut the first time with the watch. This gasket set around the push-buttons improved the timepiece’s water-resistant ability.

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