How to Create Compelling Visual Content for Social Media

When it comes to putting your marketing plan into practice, you want to make sure you gain as much engagement with your audience as possible. But did you know that implementing visual content into your marketing strategy increases engagement by 50%? Plus, it helps your viewers’ process information ten times faster!

If you’re thinking about using visual content as part of your marketing campaign, you’re going to want to know how to create capturing photos and designs. Keep on reading to learn the best tips on elaborating engaging visual content.

Make Sure it Harmonizes with Your Marketing Strategy

You don’t want your photos or designs to look random and out of place. No matter how nice or creative the visual aids may be, you must ensure it aligns with your brand and marketing strategy. Remember: you want to tell and clear yet engaging story about you and your company through your photos so people can have a clear idea of what your brand is all about.

Apply the “Thirds” Rule

The rule of thirds is an easy yet highly effective way of creating quality visual content. It makes the image more appealing to the viewer’s eye, as well as it syncs in with the rest of your content. The best way to apply this rule is by using the “grid” tool on the photo to help you align your photo’s subject in the right place.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use White Space

White space can either make a photo aesthetically pleasing or tacky. If used poorly, your work will look cluttered, distracting, and it’ll become difficult for people to understand. So, when deciding to use white space, be sure to use it in a way that enhances your photo. 

Don’t Go Crazy With the Colors

Choosing the right colors is also important to consider when posting your visual content. It’s no secret that colorful things are eye-catching but, you don’t want to go overboard. Overusing colors can make your content look messy. 

Think about your company, style, and tone when deciding what colors to include in your visual content. This means adapting the colors to your brand. At the end of the day, in order for your marketing plan to work, you need to stay authentic to your brand.

Adapt Your Content to the Platform

Before you start creating visual content, keep in mind the social media platform you’ll be using. Not all photos and designs look good on every platform, and you want to make your content fit well on your feed.

Some platforms allow you to upload more than just quality images. You might be able to include brief videos or animations. Just be sure you use the right video editing software before posting your work.

Stay True to Your Brand

Again, staying true to your brand is the number one objective. Having clear in mind what your company stands for and what it represents will help you design visual content that harmonizes with it. 

Make sure your content is consistent on all platforms you use. If you start posting random content, despite how nice it may look, it’ll make potential customers not take you seriously. 

Start Creating Compelling Visual Content!

Now, when you start creating visual content, keep these simple tips in mind. You’ll learn how to create quality images for your brand and eventually will help you gain more potential clients and increase engagement. If you think these tips were helpful, then be sure to keep reading through our blog for more!

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