The Best Physical Therapy for Soccer Players

Ankle injuries are frustrating for anyone with an active lifestyle. These types of injuries are immobilizing and keep you from doing the things that you enjoy most. For an athlete like a soccer player or track athlete a broken or sprained ankle is even more serious.


For an athlete, it is vital to get treatment of any ankle injury immediately. You will want to follow all of your doctor’s instructions as exactly as possible in order to ensure your ankle heals correctly. The majority of ankle rehabilitation that you do will come after your ankle has healed.  This is because the immobilization that allows the bone to heal unfortunately allows enough time for the muscles in the same area to become weakened.


This is why doctors recommend physical therapy for soccer players recovering from an ankle injury such as a break or sprain. In order to redevelop the muscle so that it will come back to peak performance, you will need to learn and do special exercises to strengthen those muscles.


Having access to the best physical therapy after a broken ankle will allow you to come back even better than before your injury, and in a lot of cases even sooner than expected.

What Can Physical Therapy Do for Soccer Players?

Most kids can sprain their ankle and it’s not a big deal, they heal up in a week or two, and all is well. For an athlete, things don’t work that way. An athlete needs to be able to compete at their highest level. Having missed a couple of weeks of training is going to really wreak havoc on their training and even on their competitive results.


The biggest thing that physical therapy can do for soccer players, or really, any athletes, is give them the one on one attention that is needed. Everyone heals and develops differently. It is important to take into account what an individual’s specific needs, abilities and limitations are when designing an effective physical therapy plan.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Soccer Players

When it comes to both recovering from an ankle injury and prevent future ankle injuries, there are many benefits to physical therapy for soccer players, some of the more important benefits include:

Increased Range of Motion

A physical therapist can help design a set of exercises depending on the specific joint, such as the ankle, and your specific situation that will help you to increase your range of motion.

Better Flexibility

The rest and immobility that are sometimes needed to help treat an injury can also weaken muscles and the supporting structures of joints like the ankle or knee. Physical therapy can help rebuild the strength and flexibility that you need to deliver a top performance.


Increased strength is almost always a direct aim of physical therapy, and this is especially true when considering how to design the best physical therapy after a broken ankle.


Speed doesn’t come back overnight, but physical therapy for soccer players will bring you back to your normal game speed without risking injury quicker than rehabbing at home alone will.


Your physical therapist will be a wealth of knowledge and a great resource for you through your recovery. They can teach you exercises to help you recover and help you learn how to prevent injuries in the future.

Petroski Physio, Best Physical Therapy after Broken Ankle

If you have an ankle injury and you are looking for great recovery care, check out Petroski Physio. They provide the best physical therapy after a broken ankle.


Petroski Physio provides the best individualized physical therapy for athletes and active individuals of all kinds. They genuinely care about you and want to help you meet your personal goals. They want to hear your concerns, help you address them and achieve everything that you desire. Petroski Physio uses the most forward and current concepts along with state of the art techniques to provide you with the top notch care that you deserve. Then they help you to implement a plan designed specifically with you and your goals in mind.


Petroski Physio can help you navigate rehabilitation of an injury or level up and reach your performance goals. We proudly work with all major health insurance companies, to get you the treatment that you need with the support that you deserve. Allow us to handle the specifics. To learn more, please, call our local Philadelphia, PA office at (215) 576-4796 or click here to request an appointment today!


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